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Modern vehicles are more complicated than ever before in history, but even with all the bells and whistles, your car’s transmission is still its most complex component. Clocking in at about 800 individual pieces, the transmission, which governs changing gears as you increase and decrease your speed, is as complicated as it is beautiful. So when your transmission is in trouble, what do you do? Some auto shops won’t work on transmissions due to the complexity and skill needed for repairs, but at Anderson Automotive, we can handle all service and any transmission repair in Marion, IA.

Transmission Service Marion IA

Transmission service isn’t something that you need to have performed as often as, say, an oil change, but if your transmission is up for service, it is extremely important you have it looked at by a trained professional. To see when your transmission is due for service, check the back of your car’s owner’s manual. You’ll find a list of all your scheduled services there, transmission included. Conversely, if you simply want your transmission to stand the test of time, you can always have a transmission flush performed. This involves draining and replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle and is generally thought to help transmissions last longer than they already do.

Transmission Service Near Me

When your transmission needs service, you can’t afford to wait. A car without a working transmission is one that isn’t going to get you very far, so when the time does come for your vehicle to have a transmission service in Marion, IA, you’ll want to bring it to the team of transmission experts at Anderson Automotive. Whether you need a quick flush, and inspection, or something else to be looked at or inspected, the team at Anderson Automotive is uniquely qualified to help you out. Change gears in style with transmission service from Anderson Automotive.

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