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Oil Changes

oil changes

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably already know how important the oil change is to the life of your vehicle. At Anderson Automotive in Marion, IA, we realize that when you need an oil change, you have more choices than ever before. You could bring your car to a chain lube store or big box store and hope that they have the techs on staff capable of performing this delicate procedure. You could bring your car back to the dealership, where they will no doubt charge a premium price. Or, in Marion, IA, you could bring your car to the team of experienced professionals at Anderson Automotive. We offer the best oil change in Marion, IA!

Oil Change Marion IA

When you bring your car to Anderson Automotive in Marion, IA, for an oil change, what does our team actually do? Well, simply put, we drain the entirety of the oil from your car’s engine, and depending on what your manufacturer requires, we refill it with a fresh batch of synthetic, semi-synthetic, or conventional oil. We also replace your critical oil filter, which protects your oil from being contaminated with debris that could find its way into your engine. While your engine is running, it creates an enormous amount of heat and friction, and the oil lubricates the moving parts, cutting down on both. Over time, the oil begins to break down, requiring replacement. So when your car is due for an oil change in Marion, IA, make sure you get it to the pros at Anderson Automotive.

Preventative Maintenance Marion IA

The oil change in Marion, IA isn’t the only preventative maintenance we offer here at Anderson Automotive. Our team is proud to offer a full slate of automobile preventative maintenance, from the aforementioned oil change to your 30/60/90k milestone services and everything in between. If you flip to the back of your car’s owner’s manual, it will have a full list of preventative maintenance services and when they should be performed. Overdue? Make an appointment with Anderson Automotive today.

Oil Change Near Me

When you need an oil change in Marion, IA, the only name on your mind should be Anderson Automotive, where attitude is everything. Our team of experienced technicians is waiting to provide any service your car might need, be it an oil change or another maintenance service. Make an appointment or simply swing by Anderson Automotive in Marion, IA, today.

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